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The responsible of the company is a lawyer and property agent with more than 25 years of experience in litigation. Furthermore of his experience while he has given advice to an extended numbers of real estate companies and knows at perfection the intricacies of this type of operations, consequently, besides his capacities, knowledge and experience in the procedure previous to an investment and the completion of it, he has a vast experience in anticipating the inherent risks with the investment as well as the resolutions to those conflicts that in this case may appear. We have at our disposal employees who are fluent in English, Swedish, Russian, Danish and Ukrainian.[/typo_tab]
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In charge of the company, the senior partner and funder of the office, D. Agustín García Rivas, licensed in Law at the University of Salamanca, promotion of 1981-1986, active attorney of the Bar Association in Málaga, academic specialized in European Community Law, Expert academic in Bankruptcy Law, academic expert in Bank Law, as well as Agent of Real estate and administrative manager; practicing the attorney profession in front of Courts, Hearings and Tribunals of all instructions and instances in diverse geographic scopes, focusing his professional performance, a part of all kind of juridical procedures, in the areas of real estate purchase and sale, contracts, inheritances, company formations as well as taxes.

Assisted in the judicial area by Mrs. Sonia Guillén Bonilla, licensed in Law at the University of Málaga, promotion of 1991-1996 and attendant of the senior partner since 1997. She is responsible for the drafting of all kind of lawsuits, statements of defence, resources and challenges of it, complaints … etc.

Dedicated as well to the professional practice of law in the judicial and extrajudicial sector since 1999, Mrs. Encarnación Gómez Leiva, licensed in Law by the University of Málaga, promotion of 1991-1996, registered lawyer nº 5.163 of the Bar Association of Málaga, in the school of judicial practice of Málaga –specialization in civil right, penal and contested administrative procedures, university expert in labor rights and labor management.

As registered lawyer dedicated as well to assist in the judicial and extrajudicial sector of the senior partner, Mrs. Jessica Rosas Navarro, licensed in Law at the University of Málaga in the year 2008 and with a university master in Access to the procurement (attorney).

In the administrative and management sector, Mrs. María Isabel González Estébanez, licensed in Business science at the University of Salamanca in 1993, assisting in notaries, liquidation of taxes, diverse procedures in front of Registries, city councils and all kind of document application within the foreign matter (residence application, NIE, etc…)

As secretary of the office, Mrs. Rosana Talavera Larsson. Languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian and Spanish.

The office counts also with the extern collaboration of Mr. Julio J. Ávila Ruiz, accounts auditor and with professional office open since 1980, and Mr. José González Valenzuela, social graduated, with professional office open since 1982; he counts as well with extern international collaborators, more concrete in England, Gibraltar and Denmark.