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[typo_tabgroup][typo_tab title=»Juridical, fiscal and labour advice to companies and autonomous:«]Advice to companies and autonomous which aim is the starting of a business, either individually or through a capital company. We will take care of the localisation of the property, the acquisition of it in both purchase or rental terms, all management related to the necessary work to the adequacy of the property projected with all the procedures: management and oversight of all contracts from the inscription – in case of a purchase –in the Property Register, application and management until the achievement of all enabling licenses of the business to develop, integral fiscal advice and if needed, labour.[/typo_tab][typo_tab title=»Integral management of projects and real estate planning:«]Advice to companies (capital/risk, investment) in investment operations of own or external patrimony in all kind of active real estates, with the purpose of maximising the profitability of the investment, that would embrace the intermediation and advice in the purchase, sell or rent of properties, parking, properties destined for a business or no business… etc.; management of all arrangements related to the consummation of the consultancy, as well as the integral fiscal and labour advice. To the assumptions where the acquisition of plots or villas with the foresight of urban development, we manage the collection of planning tools/ urban management necessary to the reinforcement of it, as well as the collection of the licenses destines to the materialization of the project, with the aim of assign the hole project or itemize its individualized execution, or in its totality. We also make the subcontracting of services and works to the outlined purposes. Fiscal advice until the completion of the project, either for consolidation, sell or transmission.[/typo_tab][/typo_tabgroup]



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