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Real estate conveyancing

We offer professional advice and guidance throughout your real estate projects

We are a law firm and Real Estate Brokers and our geographical scope of action is on the Costa del Sol and our location is  in Fuengirola, we offer our know-how in real estate and business law, to help you find a profitable and sustainable property over time.

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Real estate brokers since 1988. We mediate between buyer and seller, renting and management of different property types including holiday rentals. Also, we can arrange the finance for your project. Check available properties

Real estate conveyancing can be between the living or the deceased, depending on your case, we can sort it and evaluate the fiscal impact until the process is complete in accordance with current regulation. Get your quote FREE ONLINE!

Lawyers specializing in Inheritance Law, in the preparation  of wills or in the processing of inheritance. The first consultation is FREE!

Our guarantee, more than 20.000 cases, with a successful rate of over 80% judicial, extrajudicial and treatment in the recovery of debts for financial entities.

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Our location is 25 España street, Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain. We are waiting to advise you on your next purchase.

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