Is the housing an asset refuge?

Housing can be considered in all kinds of contingent circumstances (even in situations like the current one) as an asset refuge, It can’t be ignored that housing has an essencial character and that it satisfies first-order needs (actually is a programmatic principle of the Spanish Constitution).

Today, we are living with difficult and unexpected situations with a lot owners in need of selling, it would cause an increase in the real estate supply that would pull prices down and even in certain cases with very important discounts.

Undoubtedly, the current COVID situation won’t last forever therefore, we can see a future increase in the demand for housing, it would benefit an increase in the value of the investment in expression of plusvalia. 

Here in Convey Law, we will evaluate the reasonableness of the price in situations like the current one, the profit expectation and we can offer the profitability of the investment. Contact us +34 952 47 91 27.

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